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The geographical, legislative, financial and fiscal conditions plus the workforce and infrastructural aspects of Barbados have positioned the island as one of the preferred jurisdictions for the operation of international business companies worldwide.

Geographical Conditions: Barbados has become “The Business Hub of the Caribbean” due to its strategic location at the Eastern side of the chain of Caribbean islands. Its close proximity to South, North and Central America, and the airline services operating seven days a week not only to North America but to London and other European countries, make Barbados an ideal place for business.

Some of the airlines that provide flights to Barbados are: American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Air Canada, Air Jamaica, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Liat and Caribbean Airlines.

Legislative Framework: The legislation related to offshore companies in Barbados has been carefully designed to facilitate the management and operation of international business companies in the island. Additionally, Barbados has developed a hybrid jurisdiction with a tax treaty network which has been expanding over the past 5 years. Barbados has in force investment and double taxation treaties with the following nations:

Country Double Taxation Treaty Investment Treaties
Austria Download -
Botswana Download -
Canada Download Download
China Download Download
Cuba Download Download
Germany - Download
Great Britain Download Download
Iceland Download -
Italy - Download
Luxembourg Download -
Malta Download -
Mauritius Download Download
Mexico Download -
Netherlands Download -
Norway Download -
Panama Download -
Seychelles Download -
Spain Download -
Sweden Download -
Switzerland Download Download
United States of America Download -
Venezuela Download Download

Barbados has also gained a distinctive reputation within the Organization of Economic Development for its constant compliance with the regulations of Anti-Terrorism and Money Laundering worldwide.

Among the most important legislation drafted in relation to the International Business Companies are: Barbados Companies Act, International Societies with Restricted Liability Act, Financial Services Act and International Business Companies Act

Fiscal Incentives: The legislation has carefully provided special benefits to International Business Companies which have chosen Barbados as their jurisdiction of operations. Although Barbados is a tax payee jurisdiction, the taxes paid by offshore companies vary from 2,5% to 1% depending of the level of income of the Company. The International Business Companies in Barbados are exempt of taxes on dividends, interest and capital gains, as well as on transfer of any securities or assets of the Company other than the transfer of real estate property situated in Barbados. 

Barbados also offers high end services within the tourism sector. The infrastructure of the hotel and hospitality services in Barbados is based on high quality standards giving Barbados the reputation of a "high end tourism destination". Also the network and telecommunication system in the island has the advantage of an experienced and professional workforce. 

The Government in Barbados remains committed to improving and expanding its legislative framework to provide generous incentives, greater flexibility for investors and general conditions to facilitate international and domestic business activities.